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Hello, my name is Joyce. I'm a proud mom to two boys and a wife to the love of my life. I was bit by a deer-tick in November 2019 while blowing leaves in our yard that is treated for ticks. I only had a bullseye mark on my shoulder and didn't realize it was a tick bite. 

Fast forward to February 2020 when I started having shoulder pain. This was when COVID hit and I couldn't get in to see a doctor. I thought the pain would go away, but by the time July came around my symptoms progressed. I experienced fatigue, nausea, and sore muscles.

As a spin and boot camp fitness instructor I thought I was overworking myself. I woke up on August 3rd with full body inflammation, causing paralysis from my neck down to my feet. 

On August 8th I was admitted to the Emergency Room because I wasn't getting any better. I left with a diagnoses that said: possible Lyme. I took special tests and have a full diagnosis of the 2 strains of Lyme disease I have.

On August 29th, I landed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I called home until my treatment finished at Lyme Mexico on November 20th

This is the story of my journey battling Lyme disease and my way of sharing my knowledge.

My mission is to serve others who have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and continue to be a #LymeWarrior.

This is The Joyce Journey. 

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