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Getting an Implanted Port

The purpose of having a port put in is because of the many intravenous treatments Joyce received while in treatment. Lyme patients typically have fragile veins and it can be difficult to get an IV in daily. The port was the best decision.

The nurses cleaned this every day. It CANNOT get wet so swimming is out of the question and bathing must be strategically done. We had waterproof wrap for the shower and a shower wand. Joyce only walked in the pool with water up to her waist. We avoided all splashing kids too.

You can find a shower wand at Home Depot in PV or bring one with you.

The cobblestone roads in Puerto Vallarta were rough and painful for Joyce because her port would move around. However, once the last stitch came out (approximately 2.5 weeks after the surgery), the cobblestones did not affect her.

The photo below is what the port looks like after daily treatment.

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