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Milestones during our Time at Lyme Mexico

Joyce checked in to Lyme Mexico's treatment center the first week of September. She was undergoing several treatments before we could physically see progress. The progress we did see from September until November was her smile, motivation, strength and overall shift in her mindset.

October 14, 2020 in the Morning: Joyce explains her pain but can open her fist

October 14, 2020 in the evening: Joyce lifts a fork to her mouth!

October 18, 2020: Joyce does PT in the pool to strengthen her legs.

October 19, 2020: Dr. Lily does acupuncture on Joyce and she begins to have immediately relief AND movement:

October 22, 2020: Joyce lifts her phone (she can lift her arm but adding even the tiniest of weight makes it more difficult).

October 27, 2020: Joyce take her first steps at the Lyme Mexico clinic!

October 30, 2020: Joyce walks with her wheelchair and without caregivers.

November 2020: Joyce does PT on her hand

November 18th Joyce walks with a cane!

November 20th: Joyce can walk with Emory's assistance. She also had her port removed (see the photo) and we went to brunch with our friend Alberto. She will go home in 2 days!

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