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Small Milestone before Lyme Mexico

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Joyce went from an active mom to bedridden in just a few days following a prescription of Doxy. It was the worst medicine for her to take and caused her paralysis. She was tired, in pain, body swelling, fever spikes, and in short, just miserable. She laid in bed about 25 out of the 30 days per month. The very few days she was out of bed, she was in a wheel chair downstairs to spend time with the family or join for a family meal.

This video is of Joyce's husband, Emory assisting her in moving. You can hear the pain Joyce feels from simple movements.

While we were waiting for an official Lyme diagnosis, we had Joyce start on several holistic supplements (read about that here). She is a true Lyme Warrior is the best way to put it. We would celebrate her being able to sit up on her own, using the bathroom on her own, or even lifting a spoon to her mouth.

While it was a milestone, it gave us hope. The videos below are of Joyce's milestones that some may interpret as struggles.

Joyce lifting a spoon to her mouth. August 28, 2020:

Joyce being able to bend her knee. August 29, 2020:

Joyce moving from the bed to her wheelchair. September 1, 2020:

Note: Joyce had support around her in all of these videos. She pushed herself and let us know if she needed assistance. This was Joyce's determination and motivation.

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